Born in Edmonton, Dr. Vari began his professional studies at the University of Alberta. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree he enrolled in the Chiropractic program at Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1994 he began private practice in Colwood at a multi-doctor office. Ten years later he proudly opened West End Chiropractic in Langford.

In his practice, Dr. Vari uses diversified joint manipulation, Thompson technique, activator, muscle release reflex techniques, deep tissue therapy, orthotic and exercise therapy. The techniques he uses allow him to treat different age groups, post surgical patients, patients with arthritis and other spinal related diseases. Every patient receives a treatment plan specifically tailored to their own individual needs. He also believes in coordinating therapy with primary care physicians, specialists, physical therapists, and alternative health care practitioners when warranted. Dr. Vari was formerly an instructor at the Canadian Acupressure College in Victoria where he taught Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology.

Dr Rob Vari DC

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West End Chiropractic

   109 - 829 Goldstream Ave

              Victoria, BC

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Dr. robert vari, d.c.