Massage Therapy


Therapeutic massage is a natural hands on means to promote healthy body function. Massage can release painful muscle tension, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility and reduce mental and physical fatigue. 

What happens during your first treatment?

You will first be asked to fill out a health history and consent form.  The therapist will begin by asking you general health questions and may perform tests to determine what type of treatment is best suited for you.

Following this initial assessment the treatment plan will be discussed.

In a standard treatment, you will be asked to undress the areas that will be treated and position yourself on the massage table.  You will be draped with a sheet. (You may choose to be totally or partially unclothed under the drape) Only areas being treated will be undraped one at a time during the course of the massage.  The room will warm and relaxing with soft lights and music.  Talking during the massage is optional.

For many techniques oils, lotions and other lubricants are used for best results. (There are some techniques that do not require any lubrication at all)   Make sure that you inform the therapist of any allergies that you may have. 

  Working a tense or injured muscle will often cause some discomfort, which usually lessens in a few minutes. Watch for changes over the following days, such as pain relief, increased mobility and reduced stress.